#211 The descendant…


Dear Readers,

I’m the descendant, the descendant of the unknown. Where I come from nobody knows. The only certain thing is that I’m here and time is limited, so live without fear.
Let me begin with thanking Kiddo Oh for allowing me to blog her items. I’m more then honored to represent her brand called “Dead Dollz”. I have a dear friend named Anouk Lefavre to thank for that. An amazing beauty, model and very sweet friend to have.

In today’s blog I’m showing you a piece by Dead Dollz called Tulip Twilight. This dress is standard mesh and gives you that haute couture feel without a doubt. Fashion made with passion and it shows.
The shoes that I’m wearing in the picture above are by Friday and I got them at Collabor 88. If you haven’t gone there yet, it’s filled with goodies and lots of SLink shoes. These are made for medium feet.
The Look

Happy Shopping <3

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#210 In the meantime…

Dear Readers,

It was early in the morning, when you told me it was going to be a dark and cloudy day. It was when I opened up my eyes and realized that this was your truth. As I get ready for my day, open up the curtains and see the rays of sun come into the room, I see nothing else but sunlight. So I ask you, to not stand in the light and let me find my way, while in the meantime your journey takes a little bit longer…
In today’s blog I’m showing you so many wonderful items by Liv Glam! The dress that I’m wearing for example. It comes in fitted and standard mesh and with a color changing hud. The dress is called “I can’t stand the Rain” and yes, my intro is written based on the name of this dress.

The handbag and the shoes are also all by Liv Glam. The handbag has a color changing hud and comes with an AO. Perfect if you don’t want to fuss around with your handbag going into your body. 

The shoes are SLink Medium and come with a color hud also. Isn’t it overwhelmingly awesome?
The SLink nails in the picture below are by Zoz and these are her Sassy Gold Polishes, available at the Cosmetic Fair.
Last but not least…. A dear friend of mine recommended me to one of her sponsors. I was surprised and happy at the same time because Wow Skins is a well known skin designer in Second Life. Thank you Sawsan for your invitation to blog for your brand.
I’m wearing a Wow skin especially made for 100 block called “Nawra Darktan”
The Look
Happy Shopping <3

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#209 Zanze’s new release The Cassidy Dress…

Dear Readers,

Zanze has released a new mesh dress for the ladies called “Cassidy Dress” which looks like an art deco piece. This sexy mesh dress is perfect if you want to leave a lasting impression when hitting the SL town or parties. 

I’ve decided to wear this dress by Zanze with jewelry from my favorite Jewelry Designer in SL, Zuri Rayna Jewelry. This set is called bouquet and I’m wearing it in Lavender. 

Zoz has spoiled me again with one of her new releases. It always feels like Christmas with Zoz because you get the boxes and you never know how many you’re going to get. These nails are called “Sassy Silver Tip” and you can get them at the Cosmetic Fair.

The Look

Dress: Zanze – Cassidy 

Happy Shopping <3

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#208 Pastels are everywhere…

Dear Readers,

Sometimes you find everything you want to put together that fits nicely quickly, other days it’s harder. Yesterday was one of my lucky days because I’ve been wanting to blog this dress by Sascha Designs and yesterday found all the right accessories with it. 

The dress is called “Deidre” and comes with an 8 color hud. The dress is fully mesh and such a sweet looking one.

The ring that I’m wearing is the Dove Elite by Zuri Rayna, a beautiful ring to wear with opal textures. The SLink nails are by Zoz and are selling at the 100 Block. As always, it comes with a 12 color hud.
I’ve also found these shoes at 100 block. They are by Reign and called “Sovereign Wedges in Teal”. These shoes are made for SLink high feet.

Then the cute hair that has a swallow clip attached to it, is by Truth and can be found at Collabor 88. 
The Look

Happy Shopping <3

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#207 Almost feeling like a princess

Dear Readers,

So many beautiful items are being offered in SL, that it’s hard to keep up with all… A close friend of mine, Anouk Lefavre told me about a designer and her store called Dead Dollz.

I’ve heard the name left and right but never took the time to really look at this designer until recently. If you don’t know this designer yet, please go check her out, she has amazing items. 

The beautiful patterns on the gown where cream and silver touch are in perfect harmony with each other and I love how the mesh gown shapes around my bottom.

The skin that I’m wearing today is by Dulce Secrets and called “Kendall”. It’s a skin that you can find at the Cosmo Sales Room and Dulce Secrets is adding more and more appliers to her skins lately so this is great news for those who have slinks, loud mouth & lola’s. Dulce Secrets has worked hard to be able to provide this to her customers which I really like. 

The Look

Shape: Shapes by Shaz – Sita
Skin: Dulce Secrets - Kendall.Cafe.Specter (V)
Lipstick: M O N S - Lipstick Glamorous Rose
Hair: Catwa – Amanda
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna Jewelry – Sari Set Diamond Cream Pearl
Gown: Dead Dollz - Vita Chamber Blush Gown
SLink High Shoes: Athor – Lollita Soft Leather Nude

Happy Shopping <3

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#206 Spectacular releases at Jewels Isle…

Dear Readers,

Is it the different color pallet that has been used? Is it the lace and flowers that combine so well with pearls and opals or is it just the perfect collaboration between 2 designers? It’s all of that.

The items that I’m wearing today are called “Sari”. Both the gown and the jewelry set are called “Sari”. The silk on the gown touches the skin softly while the scent of the peony’s make me feel I’m in a garden filled with flowers. The jewelry gives an Arabian feel, yet can be worn in so many occasions.

Ladies, I hereby present to you the collaboration between Zuri Rayna Jewelry and NSP Florals.

The gown is partial mesh with lace attachments to it. The hip and shoulder sash peony’s are all hand crafted and very detailed. This gown has so far been released in 4 colors but this is just the beginning… She is releasing a lot more colors for all those brides, bridesmaids, gown addicts and what not.

The jewelry comes with ear rings, a necklace and a bracelet. You can buy the tiara and/or tikki head piece separate and when you wear your group tag, you get an instant 25% discount. Zuri Rayna Jewelry has released this set in many many colors. (I’m wearing the set with the tikki head piece).

The Look

Happy Shopping <3

There’s an Easter Hunt going on at Jewels Isle Mall. Want to know what items you can hunt? Click here for more information.

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#205 Beautifully Amarelo Manga

Dear Readers,

Walking the walk… passing villages, following the trail that is supposed to bring me to the warmth of the one I love. As I keep walking I feel lost, not knowing which direction to turn into. Until he grabs my hand from behind and tells me that he has never left my side. 

In today’s blog I’m sharing an item by Amarelo Manga that will be one of my favorites. I totally love the style of the outfit, which is mesh. The ear rings and necklace, the purse and the sunglasses make this a stylish and sexy outfit for those fashion lovers among us.

All these Amarelo Manga items are available at the Designer Circle, so SLurls will bring you to the circle.

The Slink nails made by Zoz are made especially for the Comic Fair. Retro looking nail polish is 12 bright colors.

The Look

Happy Shopping <3

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